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White Papers

Master the skills required to cultivate a creative mindset, synthesizing information in original ways and to communicate effectively.

How to avoid battling anonymous forces and becoming dependent upon others for the professional enjoyment you cherish.

Evolutionary Purpose
Once you recognize your purpose, you can unlock the incredible potential within you. 

Communicating Effectively
Master the ability to clearly articulate your point or perspective and adapting this ability to every new and emergent form of communications.

Managing Priorities
Accomplish your goals, display killer willpower and never fail the workplace version of the marshmallow test again.

Taming the Ego
Directing your energy towards the real opportunities and challenges - not the ones in your mind.

Case Studies

A Conversation on Meaningful Work
We sat down with Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy, to uncover the simple secrets to his success as a creative professional and team leader. During our conversation, the discussion ranges from the importance of killing the inner editor and taming the ego to the benefits of leading from the back and applying soft influence.

A Study in Broad Exploration
There are many simple routines of exploration and experimentation that can be adopted to prepare your brain for cognitive, non-routine work. Lisa Shalett presents a wonderful example of the creative and professional benefits of cultivating a broad exploration mindset.

A Study in Relaxed Minds
There are many simple routines that can be adopted to unlock your brain’s creative intuition through healthier living. Kristen Wise presents a wonderful example of the creative benefits of cultivating a relaxed mind.

A Study in Persistent Attention
Ed Faulkner presents a wonderful example of what’s possible with a focused, disciplined approach to work in software and beyond. There are many simple lessons that can be taken from the world of programming to unlock individual potential. 

A Study in Deactivated Restraints
There are many simple routines that can be adopted to cultivate a purposeful mindset and maintain the necessary physical and emotional awareness. Michelle Keinan presents a wonderful example of the happiness and creative benefits that can be unlocked by empowering yourself and reframing your reality.