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Description: Understanding and embracing your calling; what it is that you’re meant to become.


Thinking Partner Notes

What’s the fiction: The pursuit of purpose is an indulgence that serious leaders avoid until retirement.  

What's really true: Finding and evoking your purpose is crucial to maximizing your personal growth.




Things to try: 1) Practice experiencing life like a child; 2) Practice trying new things instead of sticking to safe paths; 3) Practice listening to your own feelings in evaluating experiences. 

Next steps: 1) Take a moment to revisit and reconnect with a time when you felt truly alive and happy. Who were you with? What were you doing? Where were you? What about this moment brought you joy?; 2) For the next 5 minutes, write continuously about this moment in time; 3) Now take a moment to reconnect with an experience that truly broke your heart. Where were you? What were you doing? How did you feel? What caused you to feel this way?; 4) For the next 5 minutes, write continuously about this moment in time; 5) Once you are done writing, take some time to compare these two moments. 

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Bonus: Open, Adventurous & Observant

What good looks like in evoking your purpose and how you can master this capability.



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