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Description: Identifying and embracing the capabilities where you excel and the activities that put you in a flow state.


Thinking Partner Notes

What’s the fiction: For only artists and athletes is achieving “a flow state” a realistic professional expectation.

What's really true: Every leader is capable of achieving frequent moments of flow.




Things to try: 1) Set goals; 2) Become immersed in your activities; 3) Pay attention to what is happening in the moment; 4) Learn to enjoy immediate experiences.

Next steps: 1) Spend two minutes reflecting on a recent activity when you were so immersed in a challenging and enjoyable task that you lost your sense of time; 2) Spend five minutes writing continuously about that experience; 3) Take a break to reflect on a different activity that engaged you so deeply that you lost track of time; 4) Spend five minutes writing continuously about this experience; 5) Compare the two activities that you’ve identified - are there noticeable similarities in the activities? You might find the answer to your flow puzzle in this exercise. 

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