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Description: Calming the instinct to self-censor and seek social acceptance through thoughtful routines and consistent inner-work.


Thinking Partner Notes

What’s the fiction: Leaders must invest significant time and energy in presenting a carefully-calibrated, socially-accepted public persona.   

What's really true: By neutralizing the need to be understood, admired or accepted, leaders can direct their energy towards achieving truly great feats.




Things to try: Practice reframing negative criticisms as opportunities for self-growth, refocusing on the negatived aspects of yourself and suppressing negative emotions; 2)  Practice more engaged listening - to yourself and others; 3) Practice contributing to your team, family, community or culture in a way that is heartfelt and authentic.

Next steps: If you’re looking for exercises that you can practice regularly to strengthen your self-acceptance, you can try mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations. Loving-kindness meditations often include four simple practices: 1) The practice of receiving loving-kindness; 2) The practice of sending loving-kindness to loved ones; 3) The practice of sending loving-kindness to ‘neutral people;’ 4) The practice of sending loving-kindness to all living beings You can find free, guided loving-kindness meditations herehere and here.

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