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Description: Making certain that your team interactions are energetic, personal and balanced and making consistent efforts to explore outside of your team, bringing information back.


Thinking Partner Notes

What’s the fiction: Only the content of my work matters. The nature of my interactions with colleagues and collaborators is unimportant.

What's really true: How you connect with colleagues and collaborators might be the significant contributor to your success.




Things to try: 1) Practice including/engaging all of your colleagues in a 1-on-1 conversation often/over the course of a day; 2) Practice giving your colleagues your undivided attention when they speak with you; even if it’s a short time, when you are totally engaged with someone five minutes will yield a lot more satisfaction for them and you than twenty minutes of partial attention. 3) Practice balanced participation (equal parts talking and listening) when in group settings.

Next steps: 1) Spend a few minutes thinking about the things that your teammates/collaborators do really well; 2) Pick one of these teammates, write out a list of their strengths and then spend five minutes writing about what you believe to be the source of their strength in this activity; 3) Connect with the teammate/collaborator in person to further your exploration - write them or ask them something like this: “Hi Jim - I really admire how good you are at defusing tense situations. I’d love to know how do you do it. What’s your secret?”; 4) Practice active listening during their explanation.


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